Soon there will be a fixed point in time:  The Day of the Doctor.  Today though is the day of a new blog.   Today I am endeavouring to regenerate my self.  I read somewhere that as writers, we are the product.  So I am re-branding, re-launching and re-inventing myself.  I was pondering this process and wondered really if it was possible to do such a thing.  If I had twelve lives and each one was a new persona, then perhaps, but apparently I am fearfully and wonderfully made and there is only one of me!  How do I go about refreshing my thinking, because that is what I will have to do to become a viable business product as a writer.   Habits, thinking and routines can be hard to change.  I am not always self confident and the last thing I ever thought I would be doing is promoting myself as a writer over the internet.  But here I am and thank you for finding my website and your way here.  Bring on the twelfth incarnation!

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1 Response to Welcome

  1. Sharon Raine says:

    Well done Raels! Congrate to making this decision and leaving the comfort zone.

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