Novel Writing Month

Visiting for an hour and half with one child’s principal,  running out to collect another from the shopping centre,  the first one required an X-ray;  the third had to have the latest version of Assassin’s Creed and then there was the lovely lady who offered to come over and help me clean, followed of course by morning tea and suddenly the whole house, which I had not noticed previously, called to me about its need for cleaning so I continued once she had departed.  

Yes its NaNoWriMo.   That month when the population of the writing world is able to focus on its craft and commit to writing 1600 words or more a day for a whole month.  

I always know when I have a project to do because I suddenly find others to distract me.   Yes, I am a procrastinator.  I don’t think I have really analysed why that is.  It’s just that looking back even through school and college when an assignment was due I was running in the opposite direction.   

It could be a question of fight or flight.  Do I stand my ground (or sit at computer) and beat out those characters with sweat (November is summer here)  and coffee,  or do I flee from the task?  And then I ask myself am I really running away?   Perhaps in all that cleaning and waiting in doctor’s surgeries and sitting in principal’s offices; that so called procrastination or distraction,  is the time ideas need to gestate until they are converted into the energy that drives me back to my writing grotto. 

Three thousand words and counting…


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1 Response to Novel Writing Month

  1. Sharon Raine says:

    I’m sure the events of the morning can be used as part of a plot, character study that can be twisted in to the novel… even describing the sensations of locations should be called upon and extracted to greatest creative benefit. Keep going:)

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